Prices and treatment details

Osteopathic treatment is unique to each individual patient, and special care and attention is given to ensure that each patient recieves the treatment that is most beneficial to them at that time. 






First Consultation:                      45-60 mins                €150


Return Visits:                               45 mins                     €120



First Consultation:                      45 mins                      €75

Return Visits:                               45 mins                      €75



First Consultation:                       45 mins                      €75

Return Visits:                                45 mins                      €75


Claire tends to deal with complex and specialist cases that require a high level of care and attention.  In order for her to keep up this level of service we have had no choice but to decrease the number of patients she sees in a day, increase the time allocated to each slot and increase her prices accordingly. We strive to continue to provide the highest level of service and produce results that reflect value for money. 

Please note that Osteopathy is covered by all insurance companies and a percentage of your fee can be reclaimed, the amount reclaimable is dependant on which policy you hold.  




We don't currently have a laser/visa card facility, so payment is by cash or cheque only.