Prolonged Headache - Mary*

I had a headache for about six months and was unable to find a cause, or relief, through traditional healthcare methods. Claire Padgham was recommended to me. Her initial focus was on my neck, which she had concluded was the source of my headaches. After my first visit I noticed a marked improvement and had immediate confidence in Claire's ability. Rapid improvement followed and after six visits my headaches were completely gone. Not only did she cure my headache but I also found a huge improvement in the range of motion in my neck. Having previously found no relief from other types of therapy over the years, which I required for shoulder and neck immobility (ie. cortisone injections, aqua therapy, massage), I was absolutely delighted with the results from osteopathy, thanks to Claire. Besides the massive benefit of being headache free, I had not at all expected to find such a significant increase in my energy levels. 

I'm extremely happy with the treatment I received from Claire and couldn't recommend her highly enough. I will be forever grateful to her for the improvement in my quality of life.


*Patient requested that their name be changed for the testimonial


Testimonial from Clare Boyle, Midwife and Breastfeeding consultant

I am a Midwife and Breastfeeding consultant and I have worked with Claire Padgham and her colleagues for the last 5 years. I know when I refer a baby to the practice that he or she is going to receive the best that osteopathy can provide. Osteopathy can help babies with issues such as birth trauma, breastfeeding problems, wind, colic and reflux and Claire and her colleagues are great at helping with all of these, I think we are so lucky to have such skilled practitioners available in Cork and highly recommend them.


4 year old with anxiety, constipation, and recurring chesty cough.


Nine months ago I brought my 4 year old son Alex to see Claire. He had a number of issues, the main ones being anxiety, constipation, poor sleep, and a recurring chesty cough he’d suffered from since birth. After about 4 sessions I can honestly say he was a totally different child, healthy, happy, and he hasn’t coughed once now in the last 9 months.
Alex started school in September, and got off to a great start. About 6 weeks in I noticed his anxiety starting to creep back for no particular reason. As I approached the school he would feel sick in his tummy and would be upset going in. I brought him back to Claire and the very next day going to school was no problem and he didn’t mention the pain in his tummy. In fact as we walked up to the school he turned to me and said "I feel excited about going to school today", he could feel the difference in himself. We really are so grateful for the change it has brought to our lives.


Silent reflux, trapped wind, and constipation - Mum Karen


I used this service after being recommended it by a friend.My six week old baby had silent reflux,trapped wind, constipation and as a result huge difficulty sleeping. I rang this clinic and booked an appointment with Noemie. She was friendly and had a lovely calming energy when working with my baby. After just once session,my baby was more settled,less constipated and far more comfortable,he began to sleep for longer periods too. I returned for another session and thankfully I had seen such a drastic improvement in my baby that I didn’t need to return again. I am very grateful to Noemie and would recommend any parent with babies having similar issues to visit this clinic. Thank you so much Noemie. A happy baby makes for a happy Mommy!


Developmental difficulties - Mum Louise and Son Sam

Our little boy was always ‘quirky’. I had a nagging feeling that he wasn’t developing like my other kids. Nothing major, just a sense I had. Claire was recommended to me so we paid her a visit, and as a family we never looked back! Even my skeptical husband had to admit that the change was so significant that 4 years on we still routinely bring our boy to Claire for a top-up. Proof to us was when his Montessori teacher called me back one day to tell me that, ‘my little man was off form’, polite speak for bold I think. So I immediately made an appointment with Claire. The following week the teacher called me in again. I was expecting another ‘behavioural chat’. I was so delighted and relieved when she told me that all was so well with my boy. She asked, ‘what had I done?’. I’m so thankful to Claire, especially when a few months later my son’s teacher said, ‘I think he needs another visit to Claire!’ You’ll never regret a visit to Claire.


Sleeping Difficulties, Breastfeeding issues, and Heavy Cold - Mum Eileen

I've used Claire Padgham's osteopathy practice for years and I can highly recommend them. Claire changed our lives when she helped our 9 month old to sleep the night. After each treatment there was a marked improvement until he finally slept the night and continued to do so. Since then I've brought all my smallies for different issues including latch issues after tongue tie release, to help cope with vaccines and even with heavy colds. I have found Faustine and Claire to be fantastic and excellent with babies and toddlers. Alan has also provided excellent service in getting back to us if there are cancellations etc. Overall you are providing a fantastic service and Keep up the amazing work you are doing and thank you again.


Unsettled baby with silent reflux - Names withheld at patient request

'I just wanted to thank Claire for her help with my baby boy. He was a very cranky baby, from week 1 he couldn’t get comfortable, during the day he would only sleep on me or his daddy, and in the evenings he used to cry endlessly. He had lots of wind and found it hard to pass bowel movements, and when he used to be lying down he couldn’t turn his head both ways. Claire worked on aligning him through a 6-week period and it really transformed him. The most amazing transformation was that he used to cry so hard when he was in the car seat that driving anywhere was an absolute nightmare, I’d have to stop so many times. After speaking to Claire specifically about this she spent a whole session working on him and since that session he does not mind travelling in a car seat. At 2 months he’s a changed baby. Thank you Claire'


Colic, and Nasal Congestion - Baby Evie & Mum Annette
'I attended Claire with my 8 week old who had suffered from colicky tummy pain, discomfort, and nasal congestion since birth. All of the staff were fantastic from the moment we entered her practice. Claire was so gentle during her treatment and explained everything in detail. Evie was in visible distress prior to commencing the treatment but calmed almost immediately and fell into a deep sleep. Her whole body visibly relaxed before my eyes. As Claire had explained Evie was irritable for the next 48 hours, but from day 3 or so post our session my baby girl has completely changed, she is so much more content and relaxed. I would highly recommend this clinic and will definitely chose here again for my family. Thank you so much. Annette.'


9 Year Old with Constipation - Names witheld due to senstive nature of complaint

"I attended Claire with my 9 year old daughter who had problems with constipation for a number of years. Claire was always so kind and gentle with my daughter, and would encourage her to chat away during the treatments, which led to very relaxed sessions. After a few sessions with Claire my daughter’s problem improved quite dramatically. It’s amazing how well she is still doing now. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Claire, she was a pleasure to deal with and more importantly the treatment has worked so well."


Birth Trauma/Pelvic Pain - Baby Fionn & Mum Lisa

"We first visited Claire when our little boy Fionn was only 5 days old. After a traumatic delivery involving both forceps and vacuum he still had a lot of swelling on the back of his head and had sutures and bruises on his head and face. He painted a tiny helpless picture on Claire's treatment table. We were a little sceptical at first but Claire was so gentle and reassuring and told us at every point exactly what she was working on. At points during the session, Fionn sighed and moaned softly, but as Claire worked on him it seemed as if his body was visibly relaxing. After each session he fell into a deep sleep immediately afterwards and seemed much more relaxed. One year on and he is a very happy healthy little boy who has (touch wood!) rarely been sick and shows no signs of the trauma he endured at birth.

It was only when Fionn was three months old that I realised I could probably do with some treatment myself. I was obsessed with thoughts about the birth. It was constantly on my mind and the feeling of guilt that it wasn't the gentle relaxing birth we had hoped for was overwhelming. I also had a constant pain in my pelvis that I had just accepted as being part of the package of having had a baby. I wasn't sure if this was something that Claire could help with but after the success with Fionn I figured it was worth a try. After just one session the pain had reduced by about 80% and after 2 sessions it was gone completely and it hasn't returned. More than that though - the feelings of guilt and helplessness seemed to evaporate. I don't know if that is because the pain was no longer serving as a constant reminder or if the corrections that Claire did worked on another level. Either way I had more energy than I had had in months and felt much happier in myself. I can't thank you enough Claire!"


Colic/Wind/Sleeping Difficulties - Kerry and Abby
My nine week old baby girl was having an awful time of it, crying all the time, unable to sleep, colicky and gassy, in general an unhappy little soul. After hearing a glowing recommendation from my antenatal teacher, we decided to make an appointment to see Claire. Claire immediately diagnosed pain and tightness in Abby's neck, shoulders and chest from having the cord wrapped twice around her neck and, in only two sessions, managed to help my child enormously. Now, at twelve weeks, she is a totally different baby! Claire was honest, knowledgeable, gentle and calm and not only did she make my daughter feel a hundred times better, she also made me feel relaxed and confident that my angel would be alright. Thank you Claire!!"


Low Back Pain - Trisha O'Mahony

I really wish I hadn't waited as long as I did to go to Paul O'Riordan, because after 2 sessions I was literally like a new woman. I would go as far as to say he's a miracle worker. He's also approachable, professional, and knowledgeable, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my friends. 


Silent Reflux - Baby Sean & Mum Mary

Hi, I visited your clinic with my little boy, who suffered badly with silent reflux. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Faustine for the incredible work she did with Sean. He has been a different boy since our last visit and rarely suffers any pain now after eating. We can really enjoy our little boy now and he is so happy and full of fun! Thanks again, Mary



Prolonged Hacking Cough/Nasal Drip - Gillian

I suffered with a persistent hacking cough for approximately 9 months. I was prescribed various antiobiotics for my chest and nose. I tried a course of accupuncture to try to resolve but to no avail. After 5 months I had a chest and stomach scope and various X-rays. The source of my coughing was determined to be coming from a nasal drip. I was then put on a steroid nose spray. This did not alleviate tbe situation either. I then tried osteopathy with Catherine. She tried both cranial and structural Osteopathy on me. I saw a small Improvement after the first 2 sessions and a noticeable difference after the third. After 5 sessions in total, the coughing stopped. This was the only thing that worked for me after 9 months of investigations. Thank you.


Delayed Development of Speech & Communication - Daughter Aoife & Mum Julieanna (Names have been changed in this testimonial for patient privacy)

My daughter, Aoife had development delays from the time she was born, and although I sought every specialist in relation to same it wasn't until I brought my daughter then aged 4 to Claire that I saw an almost immediate improvement particulary in her speech and communication. My daughter suddenly prompted conversation asking questions as well as becoming more calm and focused. The teachers at my daughter's nursery school also noticed the remarkable improvement who thought that she may have received intensive speech and therapy over the Christmas period. After I explained that I believed that a couple of trips to the osteopath may be the reason they were intrigued. I would highly recommend taking your child if they have developmental delays to Claire as she is wonderful with children and even if your child like mine could not sit still for very long Claire will just go with them, moving where the child wants to go, sometimes even having to move from the treatment room to the waiting room where the toys are! After 3 or 4 visits my daughter now sits for almost 90% of the treatment an improvement in itself. My only regret is not having heard of her sooner. Julieanna


Low Back Pain - Bambury1
Had constant back pain - nothing serious just soreness - one appointment six months ago and I haven't had pain since. Will definitely be going back when I feel the pain returning


Low Back - Brian Kearney

I recently had a lower back problem and attended a Chartered Physiotherapist. 5 visits later I was not right and remembered I had previously attended an Osteopath some years previously. I luckily got a cancellation with Nick Griffith and experienced immediate improvement. I attended him again 4 days later and he more or less sorted me.

I am feeling so much better now and am back in the Gym and I must say I was really impressed with Nick and would recommend the Practice to all my friends . The pity was I did not attend him from day one.


Shoulder & Back Pain - Breda Thomas

Excellent treatment from Catherine Murphy. I suffer on an ongoing basis and have previously used every treatment under the sun; now I have full relief after 4-6 treatments per year. It's a physical and emotional release that leaves you feeling 10 years younger.

Neck Pain - Jonathan O'Reilly
Claire is of the best around. I have tried so many osteopaths, physiotherapist, physical therapists etc. and Claire has a pair of magic hands, whether it's Osteopathy or Cranial therapy. HIGHLY recommended.


Tinnitus/Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain - Jessica
I went to go see Claire at Osteopathic care in Bishopstown for the first time not really knowing what to expect. I was suffering from a really sore right shoulder, back and neck as well as ringing in my right ear known as tinnitus which had been ongoing for months. After the first visit the immediate and intense pain in my back and shoulder felt 100% better. By the second visit my neck was no longer hurting me constantly and the ringing in my ear was gone! I was very impressed and am very happy I picked up the phone to make the first appointment." Jessica Legresley 


Wind/Colic/Reflux - Baby Niamh & Mum Siobhan

Just want to say thanks to Claire who treated my 3 week old daughter, after 2 treatments she is able to bring up the wind much easier after her feeds. She has less pain due to colic and reflux since and therfore throws up less milk and we all have a little bit more sleep at night. :) Thanks Claire, from Siobhán


Post Knee-Replacement Difficulties - Aine Flynn

In Sept/Oct 2013, after having surgery for a full knee replacement I attended Nick Griffith for two sessions of osteopathy. My reasons for attending were to strengthen the weakened knee joint and to gain as much flexion as possible. I noticed an immediate improvement and a decrease in the numbness of the area surrounding the scar. As a result I gained almost full flexion, and was able to return to mountain climbing which I had consistently partaken prior to surgery.


Breech Baby - Baby Kate & Mum Sarah

At 35 wks pregnant l attended Claire as my baby was breech, with the hope baby will move head down! After one session with Claire my baby moved and at 40 +5 baby Kate came into the world naturally. I was induced on my previous 2 pregnancies and without doubt Claire session helped us both! You're truly gifted Claire . Thank u so much.


Feeding Difficulty/Tongue Tie - Baby Mila & Mum Catherine

Mila and I visited Claire after she was highly recommended by a lactation consultant. Mila had a tongue and lip tie and we had both released in November as we were having feeding issues. Baby was crying during and after all of her feeds since birth and was a very colicky and unhappy baby. Over Christmas our feeding issues went from bad to worse, baby was screaming at the breast and refusing all feeds whilst awake. I was expressing and feeding her bottles of my milk and feeding her when sleepy or asleep to get through this period. In January we came to see Claire and she gave Mila several lovely treatments, after the first treatment I took home a completely different baby. She had a lovely long sleep and woke up for a feed and for the first time finished it without crying. After the second treatment Mila went completely back to the breast and I have not expressed milk since and the feeding issues were completely resolved. Claire's treatments have been so wonderful and life changing for us and she is extremely gentle and understanding with babies. Mila is a much happier baby and is feeding so well and I am so grateful to be able to continue breastfeeding thanks to Claire. I have also noticed that Mila's motor skills also improved with the treatments - she started experimenting with rolling and has been able to roll right across the room since 3.5 months. 

I highly recommend Claire and am so grateful that she helped my baby.